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nachfolgend leiten wir euch den aktuellen Newsletter unseres weltweiten Dienstbüros F.W.S. (Fellowship Wide Services) weiter.

Wir, die deutschsprachige S.L.A.A.-Gemeinschaft, sind Teil der S.L.A.A.-Weltgemeinschaft, und das F.W.S. ist zuständig für Angelegenheiten, die uns alle betreffen.

Bitte leitet den Newsletter bei Bedarf an eure Meetings weiter.

Viele Grüße und gute 24 Stunden


Letter from the Executive Director
Good afternoon from beautiful, warm South Texas! Spring has all but given way to summer here, and
it will not be long before the kids are out of school for summer. Time does fly!
Speaking of time flying, it is hard to believe that we are only a bit over two months away from ABM
2019 in Sacramento! Planning and preparations at the F.W.S. Office are in full swing. The Second
Agenda was sent out to registered attendees in mid-April, and the Third Agenda soon will follow in
early June. Please review these materials carefully, as they are integral to the important work you will
be doing in representing your group/Intergroup at the meeting.
If you have not yet registered to attend ABM this year, please do so. It is a wonderful experience, and
I always look forward to seeing old friends from years past, as well as meeting new friends from our
Fellowship. The deadline to register without a late fee is June 8th, but please do not wait until the last
minute. Having an accurate headcount truly does help us here in the office with planning and
preparing the best ABM experience possible for you.
In Service,
Pam Martin
Executive Director
May 17, 2019
Financial Corner
F.W.S. Balance Sheet As of Mar 31, 2019
F.W.S. Profit and Loss Oct 2018 through Mar 2019
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